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County-by-County Alcohol Closing Hours

Check the Status of Your Beer License Application

Minimum Inventory Standards for Grocery Store Beer Licensees

State Liquor Authority Advisory on Sale of Growlers

List of "Dry" and Partially "Dry" Towns in New York

U.S. TTB "Malt Beverage" Labeling Requirements

What Beverages Are, Aren't Subject to NY Bottle Bill Deposit

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation Bottle Bill Page

Frequently Asked Questions About New York's Bottle Bill

New York State Milk Price Gouging Law



NACS Guidance for Convenience Stores on FDA Menu Labeling Regulations

Application Form for NYS Article 20-C Food Processing License

State-Approved Online Food Safety Training for Article 20-C Food Processing Licensees

Information for Retailers About the SNAP (Food Stamp) Program

Find Your Regional Food Bank



NYS Statutory Minimum Wage and Related Rates Effective 12/31/15

Download NYS Minimum Wage Poster Employers Are Required to Display (pending)

NYS Fast Food Minimum Wage Order Effective 12/31/15

Download U.S. Labor Dept. 'Employee Rights' Poster You Are Required to Display

Meal Period Guidelines From NYS Department of Labor



New York Lottery Retailer Dashboard

New York Lottery 'Game Plan for March/April 2015

New York Lottery Sales Topped $9 Billion in 2013-14



NYS Fuel Tax Rates Effective January 1, 2016

NYSERDA 'Fuel NY' Portable Emergency Generator Program

How to Apply for NYS Grant for Generator and/or Transfer Switch

Latest on the New York State Gas Station Fire Suppression Mandate

Weekly Gas Price Reports From NYSERDA

Current Gas Price Data from U.S. Energy Information Service



What's Taxable, What's Not in Convenience Stores and Bodegas

What Food Sold by Food Stores is Taxable vs. Exempt

What Beverages Sold by Food Stores are Taxable vs. Exempt

Listing of Taxable and Exempt Foods and Beverages

How to Apply Sales Tax in Transactions Involving Coupons or Food Stamps

Schedule FR: Sales and Use Tax on Motor Fuel and Highway Diesel Motor Fuel

Publication 718: New York State Sales and Use Tax Rates by Jurisdiction

Publication 718-F: Local Sales Tax Rates on Motor Fuel, Highway Diesel Motor Fuel, B20 Biodiesel

How to Apply Sales Tax to Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards/Services

"Surviving a Sales Tax Audit," NYACS Presentation by Richard Bianchi CPA

New York State Sales Tax Web File Portal



NYS Department of Taxation and Finance

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

NYS Liquor Authority

NYS Lottery Division

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

NYS Bureau of Weights and Measures

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority



Robbery Deterrence and Safety, NYACS Presentation by NACS Vice President Michael Davis



Understanding FDA Tobacco Requirements (From WeCard)

Mandatory NYS Red-Lettered Tobacco Warning Signs 2015

Form DTF 716: Application for NYS Retail Tobacco Dealer Registration

Form DTF 716-I:  Instructions for Completing From DTF 716

State-Licensed Stamping Agent, Wholesaler, Retailer Lookup

Latest NYS Youth Access Prevention Enforcement Report -- 10/1/10-3/31/12

State-Minimum Wholesale and Retail Cigarette Prices as of 11/15

NYACS State-Certified Online Tobacco Sales Training

Catalog of "We Card" Tobacco Sales Training Materials

U.S. FDA Compliance Check Inspections of Tobacco Retailers

Link to State-Certified Online Tobacco Sales Training



How Convenience Stores Work, and Their Contributions to Communities, 2016

Overview of NACS State of the Industry Report for 2014

NACS Training Materials, Business Tools, Signage and More

The Annual NACS Show



NYSDOT '511NY' Traffic, Travel & Transit Info

New York Traffic Information From Federal Highway Administration

NYS Thruway Travel Advisory/Closure Announcements

Scheduled, Construction-Related Lane Closures NYS Thruway