Store Operations


  • Oppose employee scheduling restrictions that reduce flexibility and increase costs for convenience store operators.
  • Fulfill the broken promise to bring the "fast food" minimum wage into alignment with the general occupation minimum wage.
  • Leave it to employers to determine how many paid sick days they can reasonably afford to offer their workers.
  • Stop adding employer costs and administrative complexity to the Paid Family Leave program.

Age Verification

  • Make enforcement agencies notify store management within 7 days of a tobacco or alcohol sale violation so the store can promptly remove the off ending cashier to prevent recurrence.
  • Explore opportunities for licensed convenience store operators to sell additional age-restricted products to adult customers.

Plastic Bags

  • Work collaboratively toward a solution on reducing plastic carryout bag consumption that balances environmental protection and customer convenience.


  • To ensure proper age verification and support neighborhood retailers, prohibit online sales of New York State lottery tickets.
  • After 50 years, increase lottery agent commissions to offset higher costs of doing business.


  • No new taxes, fees, to s, or cost mandates impacting convenience stores, their suppliers, or their customers.
  • As authorized by the U.S. Supreme Court and existing state law, collect state excise and sales taxes on cigarettes and motor fuel sold by Native American enterprises to non-Indian customers.
  • Aggressively prosecute black-market traffickers of untaxed tobacco products.

Tobacco Retailing

  • Eliminate redundant layers of federal/state/local tobacco retail licensing and regulation.
  • Defend the right of licensed retailers to advertise and sell legal tobacco products to adult customers on their premises.
  • Leave regulation of tobacco flavoring, packaging, purchase age, couponing, and vaping products to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
  • After 30 years, increase statutory cigarette minimum markup percentages to reflect steep increases in costs of doing business for wholesalers and retailers.

Food & Beverage Retailing

  • To protect small food stores from even bigger piles of redeemed bottles and cans that compromise sanitation, oppose any expansion of the Bottle Bill.
  • Trust consumers to exercise their freedom to choose food and beverages using the nutritional information already available to them.
  • Leave it to the food industry to responsibly dispose of food scraps without bureaucratic interference.

Motor Fuel

  • Oppose new state-level gas station cost mandates that exceed federal EPA standards, such as Stage I vapor recovery system testing.
  • Amend the anti-price gouging law to assign responsibility for declaring an "abnormal market disruption'' that triggers price controls.
  • Keep politicians out of retail gasoline pricing decisions.
  • Oppose placement of alternative fuel stations that are advertised as free but are actually subsidized by taxpayers or ratepayers.

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