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Proudly Serving New York’s Neighborhoods

Founded in 1986, NYACS is a private, not-for-profit trade association dedicated to unifying, serving, and representing the convenience store industry of New York State.

Our Retail Membership consists of over 100 companies that operate convenience stores, ranging in size from one store to over 300. Collectively, our retail members operate more than 1,600 store locations across New York States, serving nearly 1.3 million customers per day.

Most major convenience store chains in the state are NYACS members. Yet many of our member retail companies are single-store operators. The mom-and-pop store remains the heart and soul of our membership.

We also have over 130 Associate Members—companies supplying products and services our convenience stores sell or use.

NYACS is governed by a Board of Directors of 17 leading retailers. We also have an advisory board of supplier ("Associate") members. Retailers and suppliers work side by side on committees and projects. The team spirit and mutual respect engendered by this partnership has been a key to NYACS' success over the years.

Organized under Chapter 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, we are not a division or chapter of any national organization, but we do work closely with the National Association of Convenience Stores as well as other statewide organizations serving food stores, petroleum marketers, and small businesses.

Our office is in downtown Albany, two blocks from the State Capitol, strengthening our advocacy on behalf of the convenience store industry. We have a staff of two, eager to serve the ever-changing needs of our dynamic membership.