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NYACS Positions on Store Operations Legislative Issues

  • Workforce
      • Oppose employee scheduling restrictions that reduce flexibility and increase costs for convenience store operators.
      • Fulfill the broken promise to bring the "fast food" minimum wage into alignment with the general occupation minimum wage.
      • Leave it to employers to determine how many paid sick days they can reasonably afford to offer their workers.
      • Stop adding employer costs and administrative complexity to the Paid Family Leave program.

  • Age Verification
      • Make enforcement agencies notify store management within 7 days of a tobacco or alcohol sale violation so the store can promptly remove the off ending cashier to prevent recurrence.
      • Explore opportunities for licensed convenience store operators to sell additional age-restricted products to adult customers.

  • Plastic Bags
      • Work collaboratively toward a solution on reducing plastic carryout bag consumption that balances environmental protection and customer convenience.

  • Lottery
      • To ensure proper age verification and support neighborhood retailers, prohibit online sales of New York State lottery tickets.
      • After 50 years, increase lottery agent commissions to offset higher costs of doing business.