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Attention NYACS Retailers:Gold Star trans sm
Recognize your star team members at the NYACS Trade Show!

We invite you to nominate your exceptional employees for recognition and a star on the C-SGold Star trans smtore Walk of Fame on May 16th at the Oncenter in Syracuse. Your company can nominate one person in each of ten special categories:

Best Customer Service Performance: Recognizing the team member who consistently provides outstanding service to customers.

Most Dedicated Team Player: Honoring the team member who goes above and beyond to support their colleagues and the store's overall success.

Rising Star Award: Celebrating a newcomer who has quickly made a significant impact in their role.

Outstanding Performance in Inventory Management: Acknowledging excellence in maintaining stock levels, organization, and minimizing waste.

Master of Multitasking: Recognizing the team member who efficiently handles multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising quality.

Excellence in Problem-solving: Highlighting the team member who consistently finds creative solutions to challenges faced in the store.

Best Presentation and Merchandising: Awarding the team member who demonstrates exceptional skill in creating attractive displays and maintaining a visually appealing store layout.

Most Charismatic Cashier: Celebrating the team member with the most engaging and friendly demeanor at the checkout counter.

Unsung Hero Award: Recognizing the team member whose contributions often go unnoticed but are essential to the smooth operation of the store.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Honoring a long-serving team member who has made a lasting impact on the store and its community.

We’ll recognize all nominees, especially those in attendance at the Trade Show.
Please submit nominations by May 1, 2024.

Click Here to Start Nominating Now