NYACS Positions on Store Operations Issues

There are already too many product restrictions, labeling requirements, mandates, and other anti-business policies that stymie the ability of retailers and their suppliers to compete, stay profitable, and retain jobs. No wonder New York's business climate consistently ranks at or near the bottom.


•  The main goal of regulatory enforcement should be corrective action and achieving compliance –not punishment or revenue enhancement.

•  Offering MegaMillions and other lottery draw games over the Internet is a bad idea that would drive customers away from the retail establishments that helped build New York Lottery into a $9-billion-a-year enterprise.

•  If the State Tax Department wants to audit us, come audit our actual records. Don't just mail us a notice accusing us of under-reporting our sales tax liability based on algorithmic models.

•  Support efforts to infuse free-market competition into the setting of credit and debit card swipe fees and interchange rules. 


- NYACS Memorandum Opposing Styrofoam Ban Bill