NYACS Positions on Tobacco Retailing Issues

l  Eliminate the redundant layers of federal/state/local licensing and regulation of tobacco retailing.

l  Defend the right of licensed retailers to advertise and sell legal tobacco products to adult customers on their licensed premises.

l  Leave regulation of tobacco flavoring, packaging, and vaping products to the FDA.

l  After 27 years, increase statutory cigarette minimum markup rates to reflect sharply higher costs of doing business.

l  No more tax or fee hikes impacting C-stores and their customers.


NYACS Bill Memos on New York State Tobacco Issues

NYACS Memorandum in Support of 2009 Minimum Markup Bill
NYACS Memorandum in Support for Underage Possession Law
NYACS Memorandum in Opposition to NYS Flavored Cigarette Ban
NYACS: 'Mock Convenience Store' a Smear Job

- NYACS Memorandum Oppisng 2015 Tobacco Coupon Bill

- NYACS Memorandum Opposing E-Cigarette Use Restrictions