1. Purpose of the Associate Board

    The purpose of the Associate Board shall be:

    1. To assist NYACS as called upon by its staff or Board of Directors.
    2. To serve as an organized voice for the Associates in the affairs of NYACS.
    3. To represent the mutual concerns of both the Retail members and Associates when called upon.
  2. Membership

    The Associate Board shall:

    1. Consist of no less than nine (9), no more than fifteen (15) members whose companies are in good standing with NYACS as Associates.
    2. Have a Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; the two most recent Past Chairmen of the Associate Board; and, when possible, members representing each of the following categories: Bakery, Candy/Gum, Capital Equipment, Dairy, Food Services, General Merchandise, Grocery, High-Tech Services, Licensed Beverages, Petroleum Products, Publications, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Tobacco and Wholesale Distributors.
    3. Have each Associate Board member serve two terms consisting of three (3) consecutive years. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms, except the Chairman; immediate Past Chairman and preceding Past Chairman, and/or Vice Chairman who may continue beyond their terms to fulfill their elected duties. Past chairs will be allowed to stay on the Board for as long as they wish. They would not be considered voting members unless their votes were needed to make a quorum. All active board members must attend or be represented at two out of three board meetings or be dropped.
    4. Have the Chairman call for a vote on any nominee brought before the Associate Board if a vacancy exists.
    5. Be elected by the majority vote of Associates present at the annual convention board meeting and shall assume office immediately following the vote.
    6. Have a quorum consisting of one half plus one of active board members.
    7. Operate under a set of "Associate Board Bylaws" that are approved by the NYACS Retail Board of Directors.
  3. Duties

    The duties of the Associate Board shall be:

    1. To direct the affairs of the Associates as described in Section 1.
    2. To assist as needed at all meetings and functions.
    3. To conduct board meetings as follows:
      1. At the annual fall conference of NYACS.
      2. At the annual legislative conference of NYACS.
      3. At the annual convention of NYACS.
      4. At the direction of the chairman or at the request of one half plus one of active members of the associate board.
    4. To help recruit new Retail Members and Associates for NYACS.
    5. To assist in dispensing information to the Associates regarding the activities and accomplishments of NYACS.
  4. Officers

    1. The officers of the Associate Board shall be: Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary.
    2. Elections and eligibility of chairman and vice chairman: The chairman and vice chairman shall be elected by the associate board during the associate board meeting at the annual convention of NYACS. Eligibility shall be as follows:
      1. A member of the Associate Board.
      2. The Chairman must have served at least two (2) years of his/her term.
      3. The Vice Chairman must have served at least one (1) year of his/her term.
    3. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chairman.
    4. The Vice Chairman shall automatically become Chairman at the next annual convention of NYACS or in the event the current chairman is unable to complete his term of office.
  5. Committees

    The Associate Board committees: The Chairman may establish committees as deemed necessary to fulfill the purpose of the associate board as set forth by the NYACS retail board. The Chairman shall appoint individuals to these committees and detail duties of each.

  6. Amendments

    Amendments to the NYACS Associate Board Bylaws must be approved by the NYACS Retail Board.

Updated by the NYACS Associate Board 5/11/05