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  Free Retailer Workshops

Thursday, May 16, 2024
9:00 - 10:30 am
The Oncenter

From Script to Screen: Producing Your Blockbuster Leadership Strategy
Tim Ahern, Principal and Founder of Ahern, Murphy & Associates

With a comprehensive look at the meaning of leadership, Tim will guide participants in defining their individual leadership plans. Learn the differences between managers and leaders, understand common leadership myths that hold us back, and develop your personal leadership EQ. Ahern, Murphy & Associates is recognized as one of the premier Leadership and Organizational Development firms in upstate NY.
Big Picture Tech: AI Today and Tomorrow
Myra Kressner, Co-Founder of Vision Group Network
Myra will moderate this workshop featuring insights from Convenience Leaders Vision Group (CLVG) and Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG) discussions about the impact of and potential for technology and AI in the convenience store industry. Attendees will learn about pilot programs, challenges, successes, and concerns identified by industry experts and will gain valuable perspective from the experiences of NY c-store owners and operators.

Tom Briant 2017 1TOBACCO
Regulatory Reel: A Frame-by-Frame Update on Tobacco Today
David Spross, Executive Director, National Association of Tobacco Outlets

NATO's new leader gives an up-to-the-minute report on FDA tobacco regulations and tobacco-related legislation on the federal, state, and local levels. Learn how these regulations and legislative efforts can impact your store(s).

sheriff.todd.baxter.flag RETAIL THEFT
Adjusting the Lens: Perspectives and Solutions
Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter

Regardless of geographic location, retailers across New York have faced increasing amounts of retail theft and violence toward employees. Collectively this cost retailers over $4 billion last year. Sheriff Baxter will join us to discuss this issue more in-depth.

Tom Briant 2017 1FOOD SERVICE
A Real Whodunit: Inside Foodborne Outbreak Investigations
Alexandra Newman and Madhu Anand, New York State Department of Health
As c-stores continue to ramp up their food service game, some might wonder what happens behind the scenes if and when a foodborne illness outbreak affects the industry. In this workshop, experts from the New York State Department of Health will give attendees an inside look at how outbreaks are identified and investigated. Using examples and historical data, our presenters will explain the process of containing and controlling outbreaks and how they collaborate with other agencies to get the job done.